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Learning to listen

It's a paradox but it's true -- to build united teams you have to allow free expression of difference. Our way of supporting you to do that is tried and tested -- and it starts with learning to really listen.

Team sessions start with allowing each member to reflect individually on WHY they are doing their jobs -- usually a combination of the values and purposes of their organisation and their own ambition and interests.

Each team member writes down their ideas and explains them to the rest of the team, who listen carefully and question only for understanding and not for judgement.

Once each member of the team has done that, the whole team is able to discuss as equals and agree their shared goals.

Then we move on to WHAT the team does, and we use the same process to describe what they actually do in their working week and how it contributes (or not!) to achieving the team's purpose.

This is where the team starts to understand the differences between activities that add value, activities that enable them to add value more effectively and activities that do neither of those things and are therefore a waste of time.

It's a powerful process that leads from difference to unity of purpose and a shared vision of how the team should work and how each of its members contributes to success. 

Does it work? Don't take our word for it:

“I and the team felt very safe going into unexplored territory in your hands. I think you brought not only a lot of thinking to us, but also a lot of heart: in turn that meant that the conversations we had with you were meaningful to people, and so they have stayed with us and continue to be of value.” Debbie Sandford, chief operating officer, Point of Care Foundation.

“Just a brief note having sat down at my desk post our session. I have so valued the entire process and do think you have been a fantastic facilitator. We have all learnt so much – particularly me.” Jessica Bondy, founder and chief executive, Bondy Consulting.

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