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Public World is an international social enterprise supporting better services, jobs and organisational performance through self-managed team work and workforce and community involvement.

We also trade as Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland, working with our Dutch colleagues to apply their highly successful model of district nursing and home care in the National Health Service, local government and social enterprises.

Our consultants have also worked in a range of other contexts, in Britain and internationally.

Why choose us?

  • Global ExperienceOur consultants have worked in more than 100 countries in a range of sectors with diverse clients.
  • Specialist Expertise – We have been growing our knowledge through research and practice over more than 20 years.
  • Fresh Thinking – We keep learning and pride ourselves on being creatively disruptive rather than following trends.
  • Social Enterprise - We are a proud member of Social Enterprise UK because we are driven by our values not by profits.

To discuss your needs and how we could help you to meet them, please contact us.