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World Bank

World Bank

Public World has supported the World Bank's dialogue with civil society organisations and labour unions over many years, including web-based consultation about its flagship World Development Report during the report's production.

In addition, we have contributed research reports on social policy, workplace democracy and public service reform, and Public World's Stephen Commins was formerly a Senior Human Development Specialist at the Bank's headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1944 to finance reconstruction following the Second World War, the World Bank is owned by its shareholder governments, and therefore dominated by the richer countries that own most of its shares rather than by the poorer ones to which it lends. The institution became synonymous in the 1980s with ‘structural adjustment policies’ based on neo-liberal ideology, but in recent years has become increasingly interested in the impacts of its policies on working people, and the importance of involving labour unions and other civil society organisations in decisions affecting them.

The Bank commissioned us to moderate an electronic discussion about the World Development Report on Making Services Work for Poor People, which we conducted in French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish as well as English.

For an example of our work for the Bank on civil society and workforce participation in public service development and improvement, download our report on Social Dialogue as an instrument of social policy.

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