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WaterAid is a development charity devoted to improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in the world's poorest communities.

Working with local partners, it has brought water to around 15 million and sanitation to around 10 million people since its foundation in Britain in 1981. It also has an advocacy role, and seeks to influence the policy of international institutions and governments.

Public World has worked with WaterAid to improve mutual understanding between civil society organisations and international financial institutions about water and sanitation policy , and to develop WaterAid’s own policy.

In 2006 WaterAid commissioned us to carry out research and make policy recommendations about the particularly thorny issue of cost recovery for urban water supply. Given that access to water is a human right, to what extent should households be responsible for meeting the costs of infrastructure development and service delivery?

We looked at the evidence and our report is available -- please email

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