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New Zealand Department of Labour Partnership Resource Centre

New Zealand Department of Labour Partnership Resource Centre

The Partnership Resource Centre (PRC) was set up by the New Zealand Government’s Department of Labour to helps employers and unions develop a modern approach to managing employment and industrial relations.

“It’s about creating new employment relationships based on co-operation and mutual gain,” says the PRC’s website.

The PRC commissioned Public World to look at how partnership could boost productivity in the public sector, and we approached the job by asking:

  • What does productivity mean in public services?
  • What approaches to partnership have there been in the public sector internationally?
  • What can be learned from those experiences about productivity improvement?

Our research identified three sets of reasons why partnership at its best should improve public value, but showed that managers and workers needed to agree agreed goals and procedural guarantees if it is to work and build sustainable trust.

You can download both our full report and its executive summary.

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