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International Confederation of Chemical, Energy, Mine & General Workers’ Unions

International Confederation of Chemical, Energy, Mine & General Workers’ Unions

ICEM has now merged into Industriall, a global union federation linking some 50 million workers in a range of manufacturing, mining and energy industries. Previously it was the global union federation for workers in energy, mining and quarrying, chemicals and bioscience, pulp and paper, rubbers, gems and jewellery, glass, ceramics and cement industries, and environmental services.

The increasing use of outsourced contracts and agency labour has become a central issue for ICEM in recent years, and in 2007 the federation asked Public World for help with its campaign. We worked with the ICEM committee responsible for the work to identify key issues that were then discussed at a special conference to prepare for the next phase of its campaign.

In the course of that work an Asian union reported that an employer claiming sympathy with the ICEM aims said it could not enforce its own standards along its supply chain because of legal constraints. So we looked into the legal framework and produced a report you can download here.

Realising that the problem was affecting other sectors as well, ICEM also commissioned Public World to conduct a scoping study into the possibility of working together with other global union federations on the subject. Our feasibility study led to the creation of the Council of Global Unions Work Relationships Group.

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