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Our mission

We explore new ways of tackling difficult problems, facilitate dialogue about them and help our clients co-create solutions.

To do this we provide consultancy services to:

Make work better

  • Research, policy analysis and project evaluation about job creation, decent work and employment ethics.
  • Facilitating dialogue at all levels to improve job satisfaction, quality and productivity.
  • Team building and training to embrace diversity and build unity for positive change and resilience.

Improve public services:

  • Training and consultancy in workforce involvement to improve job satisfaction, management culture and performance.
  • Involving community and civil society organisations in project design, planning and monitoring.
  • Research, policy analysis and proiect evaluation to improve efficient and effective resource use for public value.

Promote sustainable development

  • Helping international institutions, governments and employers to promote employment and livelihood opportunities and skills for a green economy.
  • Supporting civil society and workforce voice and participation in the design, evaluation and implementation of development projects that affect them.
  • Providing policy advice, project evaluation and research about building and improving livelihoods and services in fragile and conflict-affected environments.
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